Your service partner for chemical smoothing of Additive Manufacturing plastic parts./

LuxYours finishes Laser-Sintering, MultiJetFusion, Binder Jetting, High Speed Sintering or FDM parts at record speed. We generate a sealed, stable and shining surface on your parts, by liquifying the base material. No additional substrate is applied.


Additively produced parts often feature surfaces, which are not suited for end products. Untreated surfaces get dirty very fast and are hardly to clean, loose randomly particles and get easily scratched off. This leads to e.g. loss of colour intensity for dye painted parts. State of the art surface finish today is vibratory grinding, shot peening or laquering. Using vibratory grinding or shot peening the surfaces do not get glassy – laquering is timely adding a substate, which potentially can peel of.


Producing a glassy and durable surface without substrate application was up to now not possible. LuxYours offers, as probably the first company worldwide, the chemical smoothing as a service for your additive Manufacturing plastic parts.

We smoothen parts made from PA6 – PA11 – PA12 – TPU – PEBA – PLA – PET – PMMA.


We call our chemical smoothing process the Lux-process. Our process liquifies the outer layer of the plastic parts and allows it to arrange newly, so that it features afterwards a shiny surface. Depending on duration an repetitions of the treatment additionally also a macroscopic smoothing of the surface texture is possible. The stronger the treatment, the stronger also the herewith related loss of detailed features at the part.

Raw 3D-Print part
LUX-Process (soft smoothing)


We smoothen your parts for you.
Send us inquiries for your parts to be smoothed, and we will gladly advise you
on the ideal way to smooth them chemically.
Send us your parts with the information about the smoothing you want for your part. Internal and/or external smoothing, strong or soft, matting, coloring - our range of services offers a wide variety of possibilities to finish your parts according to your wishes. Depending on the material and the geometry of your parts, various precautions can be taken to achieve an ideal result while at the same time being economical.
Or you already know our tips and tricks and determine the expected costs yourself using our price list./


The LUXMatic 700 is a unique machine that enables our iterative flux smoothing (IFS) process./


31 October

Principle machine set-up for chemical treatment of 3D prints

In this article, the principal set-up of systems performing chemical treatment on 3D prints is described. May this obvious and simple principle become common knowledge in order

30 October

Meet us at formnext 2018

Meet us at booth 3.0-B30 at formnext 2018 from 13.11. through 16.11.2018 in Frankfurt/Main and get informed about new developments.

02 November

LuxYours launch at formnext 2017

LuxYours presents it's service of innovative surface smoothing for the first time at formnext 2017 to the public. LuxYours presents it's novel service of surface