Lux pro 400


+ Compact industrial system with low operating costs

+ Process chamber: 400 mm x 400 mm x 300 mm

+ Environmentally friendly thanks to biodegradable solvent

+ Sustainable thanks to solvent recovery

+ Can be used for components made of PA and TPU

+ Flexibility and investment protection thanks to retrofit kits


  • Ecological

  • Fast

  • Safe

  • Iterative flux vapor smoothing

  • Internal cavities smoothing

  • External faces smoothing

  • Industrie 4.0 ready

  • Exhaust air purifyer

Max. part size [mm] 400x400x300
Machine footprint [mm] 112 x 758 x 1688
Processing time
(including evaporation time)
90 min.
Chamber flushing time 3 sec
Chamber emptying time 3 sec
Steam reservoir 60 liter
Installed heating power 8,5 KW
Touch-screen operation yes
CE certified yes


LuxYours will take care of the installation of the LUX PRO 400 and hand over a fully functional and calibrated machine.


Chemical smoothing with the LUX PRO 400 has to be learned. LuxYours offers a 3-day training course for operating the machine.
This includes the operation of the machine, control and adjustment of the components, which should be done by the customer himself, as well as tips and tricks for the optimal treatment of the parts to be smoothed.


To ensure the safety of the LUX PRO 400, an annual inspection of the machine is required.
Wearing parts are replaced and the correct functioning of all safety devices is tested.

In the event of a technical defect in the LUX PRO 400, we will repair the machine and then hand it over to you as a safe machine in your production.

 LuxFlux PA

The LuxFlux PA is the acid composition defined by us, which is used by the LUX PRO 400 for the smoothing of polyamides and TPUs. The LuxFlux PA is supplied in 10 litre canisters. Please refer to the safety data sheet for information on correct storage and handling. For safety reasons, LUX PRO 400 checks the supplied substances.

The LuxFlux PA is a biological substance that is completely harmless in micro quantities with regard to contact with food or skin. Should any of it be ingested, it will be metabolized by the body.