LuxYours opens it’s service for smoothing of plastic parts at 1st of november

Additive manufacturing of plastic parts started with the invention of stereolithographie in 1988. Since then several more techniques have been added, which produce stable and reliable parts, but whose surfaces have a clear need for finishing, in order to be able to compete with conventional plastic parts.

LuxYours now offers the solution for smoothing of surface roughness for all additively manufactured parts made from polyamide, TPU, PEBA, PLA and PET as a service.

From 1st of november you can send your parts for smoothing!
Our finishing is called the Lux-process, which liquifies the surface of the parts, so that those form shiny and sealed skins. On request we also smoothen the inside of channels and hard to reach areas.

Afterwards the parts are easier to clean, more intense in color, loose particles are bound and then also the surface takes mechanically a stronger role.

We are happy to take over also the procurement of parts and further finishing like e.g. coloring.


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